8 Things To Add To Your Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Beginning the design process to renovate a bathroom can be both exciting and daunting. Which is why we've put together a list of points we suggest adding to your checklist to ensure your dream bathroom is as beautiful, functional and finished the way you envisioned.

Bathroom Layout
The layout of your bathroom can have a massive impact on its functionality, particularly in smaller bathrooms. We suggest thinking about practicality, space, privacy and existing plumbing when designing your new bathroom layout.

Bathroom Tiles
Choosing the right tiles for your space is vital. For smaller bathrooms, the colour, pattern and texture can affect how big the space feels; we recommend lighter tiles or large-format tiles to create the illusion of more space. For wet areas, remember to ensure the tiles won't absorb water, and we always suggest sticking to non-slip tiles on the floors.

Bathroom Plumbing
Its always wise to investigate the health of your plumbing, especially if your home is older, before renovations begin. This step ensures you won't run into any issues further down the line that may hold up the whole renovation.

Bathroom Storage
An area often overlooked during the bathroom design stage; there are plenty of creative storage solutions available on the market, take the time to find one the suits your needs. Remember to think about the future as well, will your needs change in the next few years?

Bathroom Fixtures
Including taps, handles, towel rails, hooks, etc. Pre-plan the placement of all fixtures to ensure there is enough space for functionality. A few other things to think about are; how easy they are to clean (Chrome looks much better than brushed stainless steel on fixtures, but it shows water marks easily) and how will they age (modern styling or classic)?

Bathroom Lighting
Again, think about how your bathroom will be used. The positioning of lights can completely change the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom. Natural light always make spaces seem larger; however, there are lots of lighting solutions such as recessed LED strip lighting that is very on trend this year.

Bathroom Power-points
Always to use a licenced electrician when dealing with power-points in a bathroom as there are strict regulations that need to be followed. In saying that, you can be creative with placement, look at tucking them away in draws or behind mirrors.

Bathroom Ventilation
Nobody wants mould in their bathroom! Be sure to account for ventilation during the design process, whether it's natural, existing or if you need to include new ventilation.

Seeking professional advice can cut through the rigmarole of the design process, hiring tradesman, sourcing materials, and ensuring standards and regulations are met. If you're in the Sydney area and looking at renovating your bathroom, contact us today for an obligation free, consultation and quote.

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