“Luxury is a necessity that begins where necessity ends” - Coco Chanel

A luxurious bathroom is a retreat, a place of individual rejuvenation where you can turn for privacy, personal space and self-pampering.

Our visionary design and commitment to uncompromising quality combine to create inimitable bathroom experiences gracing your home with a sense of profound elegance, impeccable style and tailored individuality. More than just a bathroom, each of our custom bathing areas is a sensory experience delighting the eyes and captivating the imagination, carrying you away as you nestle in warm foamy luxury or relax under hot cascading waters. We interpret your preferences and desires into a reality through working closely with you at every step of our process to craft a design sumptuous and immersive, practical and functional. Learn more about why to choose us as your bathroom design and renovation virtuosos.

Majestic Design

Our inspired designers produce stunning bathroom plans going far beyond the mundane to capture beauty and elegance of style while reflecting your personal character and tastes.

Premium High-End Materials

As a supplier of some of Sydney’s most remarkable bathroom innovations, you can be certain that our materials of choice are always of flawless quality and superb in every respect.

Master Craftsmanship

With over 12 years of experience in building breathtaking bathrooms, you can rest assured your next project with us will be built with rigorous adherence to the most impeccable of standards.

Our Process

Working with us on one of our high-end bathroom renovations is a remarkably straightforward, if thorough process. We generate a schedule showing you every aspect of your bathroom creation from consultation to completion. Balmoral Bathrooms can arrange a stylist and graphic 3D imaging consultant to refine your vision of the project. We guarantee superb communication at every step of our journey together. Find out more about our process and exactly what to expect from us.

Your Ideal Bathroom Experience Awaits

We invite you to get in touch with us to discover what we can do for you. We guarantee a warm reception and a gratifying outcome like no other.