2019 Bathroom Renovation Trends

Like all things, bathroom trends come and go. This year we're seeing lots of neutral tones combined with statement pieces such as fixtures, mirrors and artwork. Getting creative with storage solutions and hidden elements such as drains is also very on trend this year. Here is a list of our favourite bathroom trends of 2019.

Neutral Palette

Neutral colours don't have to be boring. A calm, neutral backdrop allows you to bring out some pretty bold elements into your design. Neutral tones also have the benefit of ageing gracefully.

Oversized Mirrors
Mirrors are a big part of a bathroom's decor. But even in the smallest bathroom spaces, you can use a big mirror successfully. They give the impression of a larger, and they reflect lots of light, making dark, dank bathrooms seem bright and cheery.

Exposed Shower Plumbing
Exposed shower plumbing systems are a fun and simple way to bring a little personality into your bathroom. Dark and matte fixtures with a streamlined shape look contemporary, while chrome looks more traditional and for a retro twist, try a copper finish.

Pewter, Gunmetal & Matte Black Fixtures
Regardless of your new bathroom is going to be modern, classic or a little quirky, dark fixtures (particularly matte finished) go with everything! This is a trend that isn't going anywhere, thanks to them being low maintenance, readily available and simple yet bold. 

Big statement pieces, like framed prints, can add a little something extra to your bathroom redesign. Wallpaper is another ongoing trend this year with people opting for wallpapered feature walls, particularly in powder rooms.

Concrete & Organic Materials
This seems like another trend that isn't going anywhere. Concrete has seen a massive resurgence in renovations in the past few years with everything from floors to walls to bathtubs being made out of it. Combining soft organic materials, such as wood with concrete, is a great way to create contrast and accentuate different textures.

Statement Basins
A huge bathroom trend this year is one that may surprise a lot of people. Statement basins can be anything from coloured basins, unusually shaped basins, floating basins and basins made from unconventional materials. 

Whether you're looking at an edgy modern design or clean, classic design, we suggest researching the latest trends online or in magazines for inspiration. Explore all the styles you might like and pick one that you love.

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